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Pincer and Palmer Blocks

The Palmer Grasping Block can be introduced to your child as early as eight months. This activity aids in the development of their palming grasp (the whole-hand grasp). The child will learn that the cylinder should be placed back into the base, using the palmer grasp to pull it out.

Repetition of this activity will build concentration and fine motor skills.


The pincer grip develops after the child has mastered, and is purposefully using the palmar grasp. The Pincer Grasping Block can be introduced at around 9 months, once you've observed your child working hard to grip objects with his or her thumb and forefinger. Children love to practice this grasp, and this material is instrumental in helping them perfect it.


Our materials are 100% handmade in Canada.

Each piece is unique and will differ slightly in wood grain and tone.
Sealed with non-toxic beeswax.



The Pincer Grasping Block contains a small knob and should be inspected before each use. We recommend this material be used under adult supervision.

Pincer and Palmer Blocks

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