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Hello and welcome to Cohzy Co, a place where your little ones will grow, learn, and explore with our Montessori inspired materials.

Our goal is to create Cohzy quality toys that are specifically focused on the development of your child. We are a husband and wife team, along with our precious little boy. All our products are handmade in Ontario, Canada. Our inspiration originates from the Montessori philosophy, where we strive to create unique materials that are key tools to help with the development of your child.

Each material is made with purpose to isolate particular techniques in order to help your child develop a wide variety of useful skills. 

We are proud to provide a collection of unique wooden toys that will not only serve the needs of your child, but will also not flood your house with unnecessary clutter.

We know how important it is to you to provide your child not only with developmentally appropriate materials, but with SAFE, NON-TOXIC materials.

You can be sure that everything we make is harmless for your teething, growing babe. 

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