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Mini Stacker

Our Cohzy Co Mini Stacker features a solid hardwood base and three ring pieces made of Walnut, Oak and Maple. 

The colour variation is natural to each wood species making every piece unique. The contrast emphasizes the order of the rings for the child.

Because the color changes are produced only through natural wood tones, there is no concern about safety. At Cohzy Co we never use stain or paint. The only thing added to our stacking toy is a clear, bees wax sealant, that we use on all of our products.


The Mini Stacker is developmentally appropriate for children ages 10 months and up. This is a wonderful material for enhancing your child's fine motor control, hand-eye coordination, and sense of order.



Our materials are 100% handmade in Canada.

Each piece is unique and will differ slightly in wood grain and tone.
Sealed with non-toxic bees wax.

Mini Stacker