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Horizontal Ring Stacker

The Horizontal Ring Stacker is a traditional Montessori classroom material used for perfecting your little ones grasp, mobility and hand-eye coordination while also assisting and developing pre-writing skills. The horizontal dowel helps develop a slightly different grasp than a traditional stacking toy, creating an added challenge for the child.


The stacker comes with 3 rings in the same shade of wood with a larger hole in the centre. Unlike other stacking toys that have multiple colours, shapes and sizes on the same toy. This stacking activity isolates the particular skill of placing the rings on and off the dowel by keeping the shapes and colours constant.


The horizontal stacker can be introduced to your little on as early as 12 months, or as soon as they have mastered the traditional Montessori stacker. 



Our materials are 100% handmade in Canada.

Each piece is unique and will differ slightly in wood grain and tone.

Sealed with non-toxic bees wax.

Horizontal Ring Stacker