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Bell Rattle & Grasping Rod

Our Montessori inspired Bell Rattle is great for infants aged as early as two months and up. The sound intrigues the baby as they learn how their movements influence the chime of the bells. This activity can also be reintroduced as a musical instrument once the child is older. 


The wooden Grasping Rod is a perfect activity to introduce to an infant who is working on their grasp. The rod is smooth to the touch, light and easy to hold. This is also a great activity for infants who are begining to mouth their materials. 


Please Note:

The bell rattle is not appropriate for children who are mouthing/teething. 

because this activity is made with small parts, it is important to inspect the rattle before each use and should be monitored during play.

Bell Rattle & Grasping Rod

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